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D20 Ceramic 20w Co2 Laser Tube Long Lifetime With Radio Frequency Excited

D20 Ceramic 20w Co2 Laser Tube Long Lifetime With Radio Frequency Excited

D20 Ceramic 20w Co2 Laser Tube  Long Lifetime With Radio Frequency Excited

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Davi
Certification: CE ISO9001
Model Number: D20

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 unit
Packaging Details: 60cm *28cm *23cm
Payment Terms: T/T, D/P, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 100 Units per week
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Detailed Product Description
Laser Source: RF Co2 Laser , Metal Sealed Ceramic Core Output Power: Rated 20w
Wavelength: 10.6μm / 9.3μm / 10.2μm Power Stability Rate: ±5%
Beam Diameter: 1.8±0.2mm Working Frequency &duty Cycle: 0~25KHZ,0~100%DC
Application: CO2 Laser Marking Machine, CO2 Laser Engraving Machine, Laser Medical Devices

CO2 laser tube Davi D20 

Ceramic Tube with Radio frequency excited without active anode and cathode

Long Lifetime


        Beijing Dawei Laser Technology is a professional manufacturer of metal Rf CO2 laser tubes, the company is devoted to improvement of technical research , has set itself the goals of developing and producing perfect laser sources for clients in China and abroad . 


Company glimpse  

D20 Ceramic 20w Co2 Laser Tube  Long Lifetime With Radio Frequency Excited

D20 Ceramic 20w Co2 Laser Tube  Long Lifetime With Radio Frequency Excited


D20 is widely used in CO2 laser marking machine , co2 laser engraving machine and laser medical devices like fractional beauty machine , Laser surgical devices . 


These are the advantages of Davi D20 : high quality beam mode (generally Tem00 ), small beam diameter , fast responde time , long lifetime (over 45000 hours ) ,competitive price,  stable output power , 24 months guarantee after delivery . 


D20 Ceramic 20w Co2 Laser Tube  Long Lifetime With Radio Frequency Excited

D20 Ceramic 20w Co2 Laser Tube  Long Lifetime With Radio Frequency Excited


 Model D20 D20I Laser Specification and working condition


System Performance


Model D20/D20I
Wavelength 10.6/9.3/10.2μm
Continuous rated output Power 20w
Power stability rate ±5%
Mode of quality M2﹤1.2
Beam Diameter 1.8±0.2mm
Beam divergence angle 7.5±0.5m full angle
Degree of polarization Linear polarization(﹥100:1) parallel to width direction
Working frequency &duty cycle 0~25KHZ,0~100%DC
Specification Weight 6.6kg(14.5lbs)
Dimension L x W x H



Input voltage 36VDC±2%,max average current is 9A,peak current that power supply could hold up is 14A,it can’t be more than 1mS.
Max Heat Load ﹤430w
Maximum hull temperature ﹤60℃(140℉)
Working environment temperature 5℃~40℃(41℉~104℉)
Working height ﹤2000m(6,500ft.)
Humidity Non condensation
Storage environment -10℃~60℃(14℉~140℉),No condensation

1.Laser power is tested according to the temperature of laser which is 25℃,everytime the laser temperature rises 1℃,the output power will reduce 1%.

2.Definition of stabilization: ±(Pmax-Pmin)/(2Pmax)

3.Testing condition of stabilization: Warming up about 10mins,controlling duty cycle constantly,under the normal operating environment.



       D20/D20I Signal Interface Description and Connector Pinout



( PWM+ orange white)

RF Enable

TTL logic input ;1=RF ON,0=RF OFF;1KΩ impedance;

This input turns on the laser. See Pin7,Control Enable

2(+15V orange) +15VDC±0.5VDC,Max output for customer using is 0.25A


(Laser green white)

Laser status output

TTL logic output,1=LASER OK,0=LASER Fault;

When fault is not detected ,output valid



(Temp Blue)

Temperature status output

TTL logical output,1=normal temperature,0= Ultra high temperature;

When the case temperature is below 60℃, the output is valid.


(Volt blue white )

Power and voltage status output

TTL logical output;1=normal voltage;

0= abnormal voltage;

6(GND Green) For internal use. must ground connected


(Enable brown white)

Control enable

TTL Logical input;1= Laser control enable,0=Laser controlled shutdown

This input must be valid before RF is enabled to turn on the laser.

8(GND Brown) GND


1.The connector uses the RJ-45 type.

2.The color noted on pin can correspond to the cable color our company sent together with the product.



Common Questions :

Question 1:When the laser module start to work ,it needs a certain of time for preionization reason. If we send modulation signal to the laser,could it speed up the preionization ?

Answer : No, it couldn’t . The preionization function was accomplished by the preionization electronic circuit .Once the power was connected to the laser, the preionization start to work. Adding more modulation signal to the laser can’t make the laser tube finish preionization status earlier.


Question 2: Do the fans and heat sink of the air cooling lasers need to be cleaned up regularly ?

Answer: Yes, they do . Because the dust in the air may adhere to the fans and heat sink after the fans run for a period of time, which will greatly decrease the ventilation effect of the heat sink,more serious and irreparable damage may occur if the heat can’t be ventilated properly.


Question 3: What will happen when the laser module is in overheating protection? How to handle it when it happens?

Answer: If the laser module triggers heat protection,it will stop working.When it happens,the user should do these work : 1. turn off the laser power. 2. For water cooling type laser tubes, Inspect if the water cooling machine is normally working or not. 3.For the air cooling type laser tubes, inspect if the fans are normally working or not. 4. Inspect if the fans and heat sink of the air cooling laser should make a cleaning. 5. Check if there is enough ventilation space around the air cooling laser. 6. When the above problems happen, you should wait and don’t turn on the laser tube until the laser tube temperature drops to normal level.


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