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2.5mm Beam Diameter Co2 Rf Metal Laser Tube 5 - 200Mj Pulse Energy For Marking / Engraving

Product Details:

Place of Origin:Beijing, China
Brand Name:DAVI
Certification:CE, ROHS, FDA
Model Number:M100

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity:1 Unit
Packaging Details:118x39x36(LxWxH) Cartons
Payment Terms:T/T
Supply Ability:500 units/ per month
HUMIDITY:<95% No-condensingCOOLING WATER:10-35 Degree

100 watt co2 laser tube

metal co2 laser tube

Output Power 100W Water Cooling RF CO2 Laser Tube For Marking, Engraving, cutting Machine


Competitive Advantages of company:
1,Favourable price and longer warranty period time
2,Sales accounted for 60% of the Chinese market
3,Excellent R&D team provides the most high-quality technical support and after-sales maintenance services
4,Repair and refill the tube
5,CE certificate and three Patent certificates ,CNAS, Embedded control software registration certificate etc.


DAVI Laser products are the result of the commitment of our R&D department. Behind the most advanced technologies are the men who were able to imagine them, design them and create them technically. Our new laser systems are the result of team work that shares skills, capabilities and talent.

Model M100 Laser Specification working condition

Average output power100W
M²-Mode quality﹤1.5
Output power range10-100W
Pulse frequency0-100kHz
Peak power250W
Pulse energy range5-200mJ
Pulse rise and fall time﹤90
Power stability rate﹤±10%
The stability of the beam pointing﹤200μrad
Beam cycle degree﹤1.2:1
Beam diameter(1/e²)2.2±0.6mm
Beam divergence Angle﹤9.0mrad
Duty cycle adjustable range0-60%
Degree of polarization﹥100:1 Linear polarization
DC input voltage48v±1%
DC input currentMax mean square root:50A, peakvalue:100A
Cooling water speed5.7L/min

Cooling water temperature range

Water Rigidity(CaCO3)

Water Rigidity(CaCO3)﹤250 mg/L
Water pressure205-520kpa
Environment temperature5℃—40℃
Relative Humidity<95% Non-condensation﹤95% Non-condensation
Laser head15.9kg



1. Laser power is tested according to the temperature of laser which is 25, every time the laser temperature rises 1, the output power will reduce 1%.
2. Definition of stabilization: ±(PmaxPmin)/(2Pmax).
3. Testing condition of stabilization: Warming up about 10mins, controlling duty cycle constantly, under the normal operating environment.

M100 Laser signal wiring method note

DB25 connectorConnect instructionSignal instruction
7(+) and 20(-)modulation input signalThis terminal requires input differential signal to control the output laser, when the signal is effective (high level) there is laser output; when the signal is invalid (zero level), there is no laser output. The pulse width of the signal should be between 10 and 998 ms, duty cycle less than 60% and the pulse frequency 0-100khz.
33 and 16 short circuitEnable radio frequency amplifier. Digital signal is effect when it is low, low level voltage input will enable the RF amplifier work.
1) 48V 50A power supply, the power must have GND.
2) Pay attention to the dust proof of the laser output window, prevent the lens burn caused by dust pollution, especially when the output window is upward.
3) Prevent the back reflection of laser, any back reflection will cause the damage of laser.
4) We suggest to fix either front end or back end of the laser tube, but don’t fix them both when you assemble, the purpose is to prevent the laser cavity shape distortion being caused by heat-expansion and cold-contraction during use.
5) This laser module is water cooling, please run the water-cooling machine before the laser starts to work.
When you have other questions in the using process, please contact with us for solution on time.

2.5mm Beam Diameter Co2 Rf Metal Laser Tube 5 - 200Mj Pulse Energy For Marking / Engraving 0

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