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Medical 30 Watt Co2 Laser Tube Co2 RF Metal Laser Tube Ceramic Core

Product Details:

Place of Origin:China
Brand Name:Davi
Certification:CE, EMC,Patent,FDA,ROHS
Model Number:D-30

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity:1 set
Packaging Details:61*29*25cm
Payment Terms:L/C, D/A, Western Union, MoneyGram
WAVELENGTH:9.3um; 10.6umPOWER:30W

sealed co2 laser tube

20w co2 laser tube

Medical CO2 Laser Tube metal shell ceramic core

air cooler 9.3 Wavelenth Used in Dentistry  ( D30i )



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Medical 30 Watt Co2 Laser Tube  Co2 RF Metal Laser Tube Ceramic Core 0

Competitive Advantages of machine:
1,3-5 years Long lifetime, Stable machine and mode quality
2, All metal body and very firm
3, Small size easy to carry
4, Quick response time nanosecond count
5, RF discharge, the top of machine covered with circuit

Competitive Advantages of company:
1,Favourable price and longer warranty period time
2,Sales accounted for 50% of the Chinese market
3,Excellent R&D team provides the most high-quality technical support and after-sales maintenance services
4,Repair and refill the tube
5,CE certificate and three Patent certificates ,CNAS, Embedded control software registration certificate etc.


D-30 Laser Specifications


CharacteristicsSpecified value
Wavelength10.55 µm to 10.63µm
Output Power≥30W
Power Stability<±5%
Mode>98% TEM₀₀
Beam Size1.8±0.2mm
Beam Divergence7.5±0.5 mrad
Beam QualityM²<1.2
Polarization>100 to 1 fixed linear
ModulationTTL up to 25kHz
Input voltage48 VDC <±2% regulation <1%P-P Noise/Ripple
Input DC current≤12A
Ambient Air Temperature5℃ to 40℃
Altitude<6,500 ft.(2,000m)

Those characteristics are guaranteed ;all other stated characteristics are typical.

Specifications are subject to change without notice.



D-30 Signal Interface and Pin Description


1(PWM Orange and white)

RF Enable

TTL logic input

1=RF ON,0=RF OFF;1KΩ impedance.

This input turns on the laser.(See also Pin 7,Control Enable, below)

2(+15V Orange)+15 VDC±0.5VDC,0.25 A Max output for customer use
3(Laser Green and white)

Laser ok

TTL logic output,1=LASER OK,0=LASER Fault;

Output is asserted when no faults(SWR, Temp or Volt.)are detected

4(Temp Blue)

Temperature OK

TTL logical output,1=Temp ok,0=Temp fault;

Output is asserted when temperature is below 60℃

5(Volt Blue and white)

Power and voltage OK

TTL logical output;1= voltage ok,0=voltage fault;

Output is asserted when DC supply voltage is below max. value

6(GND Green)For internal use. must be grounded
7(Enable Brown and white)

Control enable

TTL Logical input;1= Laser control enable,0= Laser controlled disabled

This input must be asserted before RF enable can be used to turn on the laser.

8(GND Brown)




1) The connector uses the RJ-45 type

2) These specifications are subject to change


Dental surgery


Recently, scientists have found that human hard tissue (bones and teeth) has a strong ability to absorb light from 9.3 to 9.6 degrees Celsius.Studies have shown that CO2 laser is the only laser that can be used for the treatment of hard and soft tissues in the mouth and can also prevent dental caries.

The enamel infrared transmission line shows strong absorption at 9.6 degrees Celsius, which overlaps with the spectral line of CO2 laser.

Although other wavelengths, such as 2.94 rentm, can also handle soft tissue and hard tissue, only CO2 laser can provide additional cavities prevention and removal function at 9.3 rentm and 9.6 rentm wavelengths.Professor John Featherstone, dean of the school of dentistry at the university of California, San Francisco, called the findings the dawn of a new era of laser dentistry.

The pulse energy is several millijoules, and the pulse width is 5~20 Laser, very suitable for medical point dental surgery and dental treatment.Although this technique is far from being widely used, commercial dental equipment based on the 9.3 communicating m pulse CO2 laser is now available for hard and soft tissue treatment in dentistry

Medical 30 Watt Co2 Laser Tube  Co2 RF Metal Laser Tube Ceramic Core 1Medical 30 Watt Co2 Laser Tube  Co2 RF Metal Laser Tube Ceramic Core 2

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