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Multifunctional 150W CO2 Laser Tube Duty Cycle Adjustable Range 0 - 60%

Multifunctional 150W CO2 Laser Tube Duty Cycle Adjustable Range 0 - 60%

Multifunctional 150W CO2 Laser Tube Duty Cycle Adjustable Range 0 - 60%

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: DAVI
Certification: CE, ISO9001
Model Number: M150

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: Negotiation
Packaging Details: 90cm*35cm*31cm
Payment Terms: T/T, D/P, D/A, L/C
Supply Ability: 200 Units/ Month
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Detailed Product Description
Average Output Power: 150W M²-Beam Quality: ﹤1.5
Pulse Rise And Fall Time: ﹤90 The Stability Of The Beam Pointing: ﹤200μrad
Degree Of Polarization: ﹥100:1/Linear Polarization Duty Cycle Adjustable Range: 0-60%

 150W CO2 Metal RF Co2 Laser Tube Provide Sollution for Non-Metal Material Cutting Good Effect no Burrs and no Yellowing


                                                             Model No. :  M150 

A good laser source guarantees the final cutting effect of co2 laser cutting machine with high precision, no burrs and no yellowing.

12 Months guarantee , 40000 hours working lifetime, support Gas refilling , 1000 Clients Good Comment.  


Multifunctional 150W CO2 Laser Tube Duty Cycle Adjustable Range 0 - 60%


M150 specification and working condition

Specification parameter Average output power 150W
M²-Beam quality ﹤1.5
Average power range 10-150W
Pulse frequency 0-100kHz
Typical Properties Peak power 375W
Pulse energy range 5-300mJ
Pulse rise and fall time ﹤90
Power stability rate ﹤±10%
The stability of the beam pointing ﹤200μrad
Beam cycle degree ﹤1.2:1
Beam diameter(1/e²) 2.2±0.6mm
Beam divergence angle ﹤9mrad
Duty cycle adjustable range 0-60%
Wavelength 10.3-10.8μm
Degree of polarization ﹥100:1/Linear polarization
Power parameter DC input voltage 48v±1%
DC input current Max mean square root:50A,peak value:100A
Cooling water parameter Cooling water speed 5.7L/min
Cooling water temperature range 10℃—35℃
Water Rigidity(CaCO3) ﹤250 mg/L
Water pressure 205-520kpa
Environment parameter Environment temperature 5℃—40℃
Relative Humidity<95% non condensation ﹤95% non condensation
Altitude ﹤2000m
Weight Laser head 15.9㎏


Attention :

(1) Power test condition: Power pulse width 600μs,duty cycle 60%,25℃ cooling water. As temperature rise,the output power will decline.

(2) Power stability is defined as plus or minus ±(Pmax - Pmin)/2Pmax .



M150 Signal Interface Description and Connector Pinout
DB25connector Connect instruction Signal instruction
7(+) and 20(-)

modulation input signal


This teminal requires input differential signal to control the output laser,when the signal is effective (high level)there is laser output; when the signal is invalid (zero level), there is no laser output. The pulse width of the signal should be between 10 and 998 ms,duty cycle less than 60% and the pulse frequency 0-100khz.




Short circuit between pin3 and 16

Enable radio frequency amplifier.Digital signal is effect when it is low, low level voltage input will enable the RF amplifier work.
16 GND


1. 48V 50A power supply, the power must have GND.

2. Pay attention to the dust proof of the laser output window,prevent the lens burn caused by dust pollution, especially when the output window is upward.

3. Prevent the back reflection of laser,any back reflection will cause the damage of laser.

4. We suggest to fix either front end or back end of the laser tube, but don’t fix them both when you assemble, the purpose is to prevent the laser cavity shape distortion being caused by heat-expansion and cold-contraction during use.

5. This laser module is water cooling , please run the water cooling machine before the laser starts to work.

When you have other questions in the using process, please contact with us for solution on time .



M150 water cooling integrated model drawing



Multifunctional 150W CO2 Laser Tube Duty Cycle Adjustable Range 0 - 60%


Some common Questions and Answers during Laser use


Question 1: The laser may fail to start properly after being laid aside for a period of time. Why does this problem arise, how to solve it when it happens?

Answer: If the laser tube was laid aside for a long time, when use it again,the laser module may not be able to start preionization properly.Under this situation,the electronic circuit of the laser module may test a high degree back reflection voltage, which will cause SWR fault (Laser OK Fault) so the laser can’t start work normally. When you start to use the laser tube after putting aside for a long time , it is advised to set the duty cycle of Modulation Signal less than 10% frequency less than 25KHz,this operation can avoid trigger SWR Fault. When a SWR fault already ocurred,you can add the Modulation Signal to the laser tube, the electronic circuit will send a Secondary ionization pulse which can help the laser tube heating up.


Question 2:When the laser module start to work ,it needs a certain of time for preionization reason. If we send modulation signal to the laser,could it speed up the preionization ?

Answer : No, it couldn’t . The preionization function was accomplished by the preionization electronic circuit .Once the power was connected to the laser, the preionization start to work. Adding more modulation signal to the laser can’t make the laser tube finish preionization status earlier.


Question 3: Do the fans and heat sink of the air cooling lasers need to be cleaned up regularly ?

Answer: Yes, they do . Because the dust in the air may adhere to the fans and heat sink after the fans run for a period of time, which will greatly decrease the ventilation effect of the heat sink,more serious and irreparable damage may occur if the heat can’t be ventilated properly.


Question 4: What will happen when the laser module is in overheating protection? How to handle it when it happens?

Answer: If the laser module triggers heat protection,it will stop working.When it happens,the user should do these work : 1. turn off the laser power. 2. For water cooling type laser tubes, Inspect if the water cooling machine is normally working or not. 3.For the air cooling type laser tubes, inspect if the fans are normally working or not. 4. Inspect if the fans and heat sink of the air cooling laser should make a cleaning. 5. Check if there is enough ventilation space around the air cooling laser. 6. When the above problems happen, you should wait and don’t turn on the laser tube until the laser tube temperature drops to normal level.

Question 5: After the laser tube is powered on,why the control foot can’t suspend in the air or stay in high impedance state?

Answer: When the power is put through,the laser tube gets right to work. But if the control foot is suspended in the air or stay in high impedance state, the electrical level of the control foot is in unknown status,it may lead to these problems: 1. the control foot may get high noise signal, which will damage the laser tube. 2.If the control foot gets unknown high level voltage,the laser tube may release laser beam unexpectedly,which will harm the safety of the operator.


Question 6: Could we make pin 7 (Control Enable) as the signal modulation port to modulate laser beam output?

Answer : No, it couldn’t . Pin 7 is the laser tube’s Control Enable, turning on and off too frequently will cause damage to the laser module. The switching frequency of this signal pin should keep less than 200Hz.


Question 7: What problems must we pay attention to during the storage and transport process ?

Answer : First, during the storage and transport process,please make sure the cooling water stored inside the laser tube has been dried up completely. We recommend Purity 99.95% dry nitrogen to blow dry. If not,the remained cooling water may cause irreparable damage to the laser tube. Secondly, the beam output window should be sealed during storage and transport process, in case the beam output window being polluted. Thirdly, in order to prevent the unexpected impact to damage the laser tube, please handle it gently during storage and transport. At the same time , please make sure the water pipe of the laser tube doesn’t bear force,in case to prevent the water pipe shape distortion.


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